New faces, new features

Motorola Connect, Motorola's accessory control/customization app, is bringing some goodies to Moto 360 owners new and old with this weekend's update. The official change log on Google Play lists support for the new Moto 360, a 'more intuitive and easier to navigate interface', and bug fixes. Left off that list, however, are the new standard watchfaces from the Moto 360 (2015), which take advantage of the interactive watch face API and have now come to the original Moto 360.

New UI is bright, mostly material, and indeed easy to scroll through.

The new UI is big, bright, and brings Motorola Connect in line with the design we've seen recently on the Moto app on the Moto G 2015 and Moto X Pure Edition. Upon opening the app, you're greeted with a carousel of your connected apps and a bright, yellow floating action button to add new devices. Upon tapping on a device such as your Moto 360, you'll see a familiar and slightly more compact bevy of options including dock colors, watch location, and the gallery of Motorola watch faces.

The new watch faces, in all their glory.

The new faces include Dials, Dials II, Refined, and Essential. Dials and Dials II have three interactive dials you can set to options like Weather, Moto Body activities like calories or steps, and battery, which acts as a handy shortcut to your brightness settings. Essential ties into Moto Body and displays your progress throughout the day through the face's tick marks.

We're glad to see Motorola bringing the new watch face APIs to their stock faces, and that these faces are coming to original 360 owners. Are you still using a Motorola watch face? Or have third-party offerings won you over?