Motorola Cliq XT (aka the Zeppelin) spotted with T-Mobile branding

We're expecting the Motorola Cliq XT (see our hands-on and video hands-on from Mobile World Congress) on T-Mobile just about any time now (possibly March 10), and we're bringing you the first shots of it wearing its T-Mo branding. It's confirmed to have WiFi and is running Android 1.6 with MotoBLUR.

But one very cool trick that we somehow overlooked on the Cliq XT (aka the Quench outside the U.S., and the Zeppelin in its previous code name) is that the sides of the phone (outside the trackpad) pick up your touch as well, meaning you select apps and the like without using your thumb on the trackpad. Our tipster says that function ends about a third of the way up the device. Presumably, the Swype keyboard and doubleTwist apps are on board, too, given the recent deals with T-Mobile.

Three more pics of the Cliq XT after the break. Thanks, anon!

Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile

Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile

Phil Nickinson