Woodside leaves behind 10 years at Google and a short stint at Motorola to be the first COO of the cloud storage company

Following tightly on the announcement that Motorola will be acquired by Lenovo, CEO of Motorola Dennis Woodside is ready to step down from the company. Following over 10 years at Google and just shy of two years at the helm of Motorola, Woodside will reportedly be the first COO of quickly-expanding Dropbox according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Before moving over to the then-Google-owned Motorola, Woodside was the Vice President of Americas Operations at Google, in charge of managing relationships with partners and advertising agencies, where he saw revenue grow from $10.8 to $17.5 billion in less than three years. That's the kind of experience Dropbox needs as it continues to grow, recently closing a huge funding round of $350 million from various investors. The Journal reports Woodside will be tasked, among other initiatives, with expanding Dropbox into the highly-competitive enterprise software market.

Woodside was scheduled to appear at a press event at Mobile World Congress less than two weeks from now, where he was to give "an update on the business" along with other Motorola executives. It seems there will be one less person at the table at this point, with no indication of who will be taking Woodside's position at the top of Motorola as it transitions to being a Lenovo company.

Source: The Wall Street Journal