Use satisfaction

In a recent device satisfaction survey, OnDevice Research asked 320,000 smart phone users in the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Indonesia how satisfied they were with their current device. Of the 93,825 users asked in the United States, the Motorola Atrix HD came out on top -- followed (in order) by the RAZR M, the HTC Rezound, the Note 2, and finally the iPhone 5. 

These results are a bit surprising. I spent some time with the Atrix HD and loved it, but would never have expected it to top phones like the Note 2 or iPhone 5, which have a huge following. I'm not suggesting the survey is flawed. I'm suggesting that we're now at a point where most smart phones offer the same compelling features, and price can play an important factor in how happy we are with the phone in our hands.

You can easily join in the speculation with me. Hit the source link and have a read, then try to make sense of it all in the comments.

Source: On Device Research