Motorola Alert

As we mentioned in our Moto E hands-on, Motorola has brought forth a new app — Motorola Alert. It's a slick little guy that does a couple things: The first is to act as breadcrumbs after you trigger an alert, periodically sending your location to friends and family you designate.

Motorola Alert also will act as a sort of geofence notification service. Say, if you (or your kids, which is where we're really seeing this being useful) arrive home, it can send out a notification telling folks that you have, in fact, arrived safely. (It also could be fun for notifying when someone shows up at a place they shouldn't be. Like the donut shop.) The recipients of the notifications don't have to have Motorola Alert installed.

So, yeah. It's on Moto E for now, and look for it to hit Moto G and Moto X in due time.