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Is Motoblur down? Happenings widget is broken, other widgets not updating

Yikes. We're getting word that Motoblur has been down for a while now and that many devices are still affected. Specifically, it looks like the Happenings widget in Motoblur hasn't been updating and that the other widgets (Facebook, twitter, etc) haven't been acting properly either. If these problems are as widespread as the forums make it seem, it's a gigantic black eye on the Motoblur experience (which many Android users feel is unnecessary as it is). There's been no official word from Motorola or T-Mobile on this but some are pointing toward a server issue somewhere. We'll be sure to keep you guys posted.

Anyone with a Motoblur device suffering from these problems?

[motorola forums (opens in new tab), t-mobile forums via androinica]

  • Motoblur is so shitty why do they even add it to phones it just makes them lag even more
  • Hasn't worked for me for 2 days
  • My happenings are working fine but my news and other feeds aren't working
  • me and my girlfriend were trying to set up her new moto cliq and couldn't get the phone to connect to the motoblur service. she finally got it to work early this morning and everything seems to be working fine now. hopefully it will stay that way....
  • I haven't seen any problems on my Devour and I've been using it regularly...
  • I have the Devour and haven't had any serious problems. The happenings widget didn't update for maybe 15 minutes yesterday, but that was it.
  • Just got my Backflip over the weekend and I can't get it to work either.
  • Omg this fucking problem is still going on. I can't believe that they haven't figured out what the hell is going on. I mean it shouldn't be such a difficult thing to repair a server. Motorola needs to kick it into gear or they will need to start issuing some sort of compensation. Does anyone remember the sidekick problem that happened last year.
  • My happenings isn't working either it is very irritating
  • I havent had an update since about 3am PST yesterday.
  • main reason i choose this phone was for the features that now dont even work..
  • Got my phone on 4/7, and Happenings isn't working, as well as several news widgets. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  • I can't beleive this issue is going on with others (i have the cliq xt) AND still going on! The in store T-mobile staff acted like I was crazy when I went into the store in may when I kept getting repeated "yahoo account error/connection errors". They basically did the same stuff I already did, like restart/reboot the phone, take battery out/put back in, remove/add the yahoo account again (duh!). So then after an hour in store, I was told to call the tech support (tmobile) which I did while I was STILL in the store. They also played like they didnt know anything and tried to blame yahoo. No help. I contacted tmobile tech support and the other tech"never heard" of anyone else with these issues, yeah, right. I contact motorola and THEY try to blame tmobile. I was told by motorola to do a "factory reset" which I'm reluctant to do. My phone blows. Lately it won't update the facebook happenings at ALL. I know somethings up when no updates are there after an hour. I have to manually mess with it to get updates. And then, shit pops up from like 8 hours ago. And 2 weeks ago, I was getting a "twitter account error". With all of these different issues, its obviously motorola/motoblur. Tmobile won't help their customers, so they blow as well. I am seriously taking this crap phone and going to the verizon store and ending it with tmobile. I'd smash this phone, but I don't have a landline at home.
  • oh i also forgot that I have emails that pop up dated from dec 31, 1969. Pretty freaking amazing considering that a) email wasnt invented yet and b) i wasnt even born yet. I delete them and they KEEP coming back. Its only on my phone that it does this and not on my reg yahoo account.