Canadians will be able to purchase the Moto Z in the fall, but the Moto Z Force, the phone's unbreakable counterpart, will remain a Verizon exclusive.

Moto Z

The news comes on the heels of the Moto Z announcement itself, a modular smartphone that promises to move Lenovo into an era of what it purposeful computing. Lenovo CEO Yuanquing Yang called the Moto Z a "hub" on which other experiences hinge, experiences that at launch will include an attachable projector, an external speaker, and a battery pack.

Canadians will be able to use the Moto Z when it arrives this fall — likely September — at "various retailers" this fall. Whether that means it will be available both unlocked and, subsidized, at carriers remains to be seen, but it sounds like Lenovo has pursued a considerably penetration footprint than it did with the Moto X Play, which was the sole Moto flagship released in Canada in 2015.

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Lenovo also says that the Moto Mods will come to Canada in some form, though how and where they will be sold — and for how much — will remain a mystery for some time. But it seems that the company is committed to bringing as many of the Moto Z's accessories to Canada, which is nice to see.

That the Moto Z Force won't be available in Canada is unsurprising, but it's likely an unlocked version sold in the U.S. will be compatible with Canadian networks. Still, we have the Moto Z to look forward to, which increasingly looks like one of the most impressive smartphones of the year — even without a headphone jack.