Motorola Moto X (no +1)

Though the site has since been scrubbed, for a brief time this morning you could get a glimpse of the Moto X+1 branding through Motorola's own website. The Moto Maker service, which let users craft their own custom Moto X exposed the codename of the Moto X in the URL: "FLEXR1". But if you changed that URL to read "FLEXR2", a logical codename for a Moto X sequel, then you were presented with the branding of "Moto X+1".

Most everything else about the page was broken, the the Moto X+1 name was rather deliberately there in both the page and the page title. You certainly couldn't customize yourself a Moto X+1, though the upcoming smartphone is rumored to include wood and leather back options.

We're still betting that the Motorola event in London in less than two weeks is going to be focused more on the rumored Moto E, but it's possible we might see a Moto X+1 announcement too.

Or maybe all we were looking at here was a placeholder that Motorola didn't think people would see. But people always find these things. You can't stop the signal, Moto.

Source: Motorola (now dead); Via: mobiFlip

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