Moto X Camera UIMoto X Camera UI

Features include new slide-in controls, hidden buttons and slow-motion video mode

We've seen a whole lot of hardware and spec leaks of the Moto X in the past several days, and now we've got our first in-depth look at a big component of the software experience -- the camera. In several different screenshots of the UI obtained by AndroidPolice, the refined Motorola camera UI is shown to be a completely new paradigm with some small adaptations of what we see on stock Android 4.2 currently.

The main interface change at play here is that the camera controls are revealed by a swipe in from the left edge of the screen and are arranged in a wheel. Swiping from the right instead brings you into the Gallery, the same as you would expect on stock Android 4.2. Buttons to switch between front and rear-facing cameras and to toggle video mode are stagnant on the bottom of the interface. There is no shutter button on the Moto X and pictures can instead be taken by tapping -- and holding for burst mode -- anywhere in the viewfinder. Additionally, digital zoom can be done with swiping up and down on the screen with the camera launched.

If you're looking to learn even more about the Moto X you won't have to wait long, as Motorola is set to unveil the device on August 1st. For now, hang around after the break for a few more looks at the camera interface. 

Source: AndroidPolice

Moto X Camera UI

Moto X Camera UIMoto X Camera UI