Motorola hasn't been in the tablet game since the ill-fated Motorola Xyboard, but leaked information provided to Android Police indicates a comeback may be in the works. According to their sources, Moto is working on a 9- to 10-inch tablet with a premium look and feel — unfortunately, no other details are available just yet.

Moto tablet could be on the way with new Productivity Mode

The only extra information we have comes courtesy of this single photo of a new "Productivity Mode" in the settings, which closely mimics a similar feature found on Lenovo's Android tablets — which gives weight to this being a Moto device. Basically it lets you pin often-used productivity apps to the otherwise-unused navigation bar space to be quickly reopened and managed in multi-window mode.

As so many other companies have completely dropped out of making tablets, Lenovo has stuck around in the market primarily with lower-end devices focused on media consumption and just a few models with a "productivity" focus. With Moto now under Lenovo leadership, it's far less surprising that it would be working on a large tablet device.

Are you excited for the potential of a new Moto tablet? We're basically willing to consider anything that may make the Android tablet space interesting again.