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The Moto G has proven to be an important device for Motorola, and if the latest leak has truth to it, a more rugged version is bound for Latin America: the Moto G Forte. Meaning 'strong', the name Forte would be an appropriate one for what @evleaksES described as a phone with "improved durability."

There are indications of design changes from the original low-cost Moto G to the Moto G Forte, though it's hard to pick out more than the loss of the glossy plastic frame around the screen being turned matte and power and volume buttons getting chunkier. There's no word on how ruggedized the Moto G Forte will be, but considering that it's a relatively inexpensive phone with low-cost guts to begin with, we wouldn't expect Motorola to go all out with mil-spec ruggedization.

Moto G Forte leak

Nor do we know what's inside the Moto G Forte, though we wouldn't be surprised if it continued on with the same surprisingly adequate internals of the original Moto G. The Moto G has been a successful device for Motorola; just last month they announced that the Moto G was the highest-selling smartphone in Motorola history. All those sales of low-cost, low-margin smartphones weren't enough for Motorola and parent company Google, however, as the handset maker is being sold to Lenovo for $2.91 billion.

What do you think, Moto G owners? Is a Moto G with improved durability something that would tickle your fancy? Just what would Motorola need to do with the Moto G Forte to make it worth consideration?

Update: This is curious. As Kaan in the comments pointed out, the image is very curiously similar to that of the Moto G Grip Shell Case (pictured here on It is possible that a Moto G Forte is in the works that would take design cues from the grip shell cased-Moto G, but it does cast some doubt on this image.

Source: @evleaksES

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