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Moto G expected to arrive on US Cellular Feb. 10

Will only be available without a contract, but pricing isn't yet known

The Moto G has already proven to be a powerful and affordable smartphone option, and now it's headed to another carrier in the U.S. Building on its unlocked availability from the Play Store and Motorola itself, U.S. Cellular will join the ranks of Verizon (albeit its prepaid section) in offering the Moto G directly.

U.S. Cellular will only offer the Moto G at full price without a contract (as you'd expect), but we don't yet know what that price will be. Unlocked models are up in the U.S. for $179, but a Verizon-specific version sells for just $99 — we could see the U.S. Cellular version come in closer to the latter. We do, however, know that this particular model will be shipping with KitKat on board.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

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  • This phone is awesome. The battery life is phenomenal. I don't own one but o bought one for my wife, because it's quad core the 3g only aspect isn't as bad as you think. I own a galaxy s3 and me and my wife did a test the other day, we both rebooted, waited 5 mins and tried to pull up the same web page and her phone is faster than mines. Posted via Android Central App