Moto 360

One of the things that's been up in the air about the Moto 360 has been its expected price,, though Motorola may have tipped their hand thanks to the legalese requirements of contest law. We've been looking at the Android Wear-powered smartwatch and wondering just how much Motorola planned to charge for something that's very much unlike any other smartwatch on the market at this point. But the rules that Motorola has posted for a watchface design contest for the Moto 360, with the smartwatch itself as the grand prize, gave an indication of how much they intend to charge: $249.

That number comes courtesy of the legal requirements in contests like this, where Motorola is required to lay forth the approximate retail value of prizes so that entrants can estimate their tax burden upon winning. And also so Motorola can cover their own asses in the event that something goes wrong or somebody feels wronged. But that meant that Motorola had to state outright:

One (1) grand prize winner will receive a Moto 360 (ARV $249).

That is by no means a guarantee nor official announcement of the Moto 360 pricing, though it does jive with our expectations for the smartwatch. Giving an inaccurate number on official prize rules like this could get Motorola in hot water, however. So while we caution you that this isn't an official price for the Moto 360, it's a pretty good bet that $249 will be the price when Motorola is ready to say that it is.

Source: Motorola (Google Drive)