This year, Motorola announced a family of Moto 360 (2015) smartwatches instead of the single size that it offered in 2014, and the Moto 360 Sport is one of them. New for 2015, the Motorola Sport is geared more towards fitness and sports, instead of pure style like the others.

With the Sport model, Motorola has not included a mechanism which would allow for replaceable straps, and instead opted for a silicone strap that wraps the entire casing. Featuring an IP67 rating for water and dust, the Sport model will also have GPS baked in. Additionally, you will be able to listen to more music from the watch, making it even easier to use it without your phone.

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Another key difference is the hybrid reflective display Motorola is using, which it is calling AnyLight. With this display, the company hopes to be able to offer a better experience when using the smartwatch in direct sunlight. On its other smartwatches, Motorola is offering consumers the ability to customize the face and band pairing through its Moto Maker, though it is unknown at this point how many different offerings Motorola will have for the Sports variant.

The company announced that the Sport would be available in the UK and France as of December 18, and in the US as of January 7 for the price of $299.

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