Charging, charging, charging....

MOTA's name is one that frequently pops up in conversations about wearables and accessories for your many devices. Their High-Capacity Power Bank is strong, sturdy, and big, but is it right for your gear bag? Will it get your through that weekend camping in the woods? Well, we've been putting it through its paces the last month to find out.

Looks like a rock, feels like a rock, charges like a rock?

The first thing you'll notice about the MOTA High-Capacity Power Bank is that it looks rugged. The textured, rounded surface appears rock-like, and when you pick it up, it has a nice heft to it. Not surprising, considering the size of the battery in it. However, this isn't a battery you're going to be able to slip into your cargo pants to charge on the go; this bulk and texture do not lend themselves well to pockets.

The next thing you'll notice is that it only has one USB port. The included, equally rugged cable hides not two USB ports but a micro USB in and a USB out. By the way, that included cable will get you by in emergencies, but the boxy cable it will not fit most devices while they have cases on, so be prepared to either charge naked or bring your own cable along. One USB port may get you by if all you're bringing on that trip is a smartphone and maybe a smartwatch, but for a battery of this size and caliber, you quickly long for extra ports so you can charge more at the same time.

This power bank seems squarely aimed at users with only one device they need worry about juicing up, and in that instance, this device will help your phone last a couple of days. Once you start charging tablets, consider yourself grateful if you get more than two charges out of it before it needs an outlet just as much as your Android device. It charged from dead to full in just under four hours for me, so if you're going to charge it, be prepared to do it overnight or when you can nap.

Short cords mean your phone better get cozy with the MOTA

All in all, for a user with few devices to charge at a time, the MOTA will get you by with little fuss. If you've got three or more devices with you on any given day, I'd look for something with more ports. You can pick up a MOTA High-Capacity Power Bank here for $89.95.