Now more efficient, with less jank [#acpodcast]

Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, Russell Holly, and Michael Fisher gather in New York City for a look at the BlackBerry KEY2 and its glorious hardware keyboard. It's a safe upgrade from the original, but features a faster processor, more RAM, dual cameras, a stronger frame, and larger keys.

As an aperitif to the main course, they chat about Moto's Z3 Play. It's a solid, mid-range phone that will be available unlocked in the U.S for $499, but through only two carriers — Sprint and US Cellular. Amazon will also be selling it as a Prime Exclusive Phone, likely at a discount.

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  • Yes! Been waiting for this, great stuff guys as ALWAYS Richard U.K
  • Richard stop talking to my wife Cindy
  • I'm gonna listen because I'm kinda curious about why a BB owner would care about a faster processor. I miss the videos, but I guess this will do.
  • Oh u are really Cindy cheating
  • Interesting to hear the capacity key debate for the KEY2. I can see it being an issue for long time Android users as it's new and different. Coming from BB6 and BB10 myself, I do not find it odd etc. Got me thinking though. Great cast, first time listener.
  • Thanks for listening, hope you'll come back next week!
  • Enjoyed all of the Key2 chat.
  • **** you and your key ******* im Cindy husband that cheating *****
  • Good podcast, one technical criticism.
    I don't know if you had a directional microphone or what the situation was when you were all in the same room. Andrew-loud and clear
    Daniel-not as loud, but clear for the most part
    Mr. Mobile-almost inaudible
    Russell Holly- not bad, similar to Daniel
  • I noticed that, too, and it's very annoying.
  • **** you johnny stay away from my wife dick head or else. Fairwarning
  • Mr mobile does sound off axis but I wouldn't at all say it's inaudible.
  • That won't happen again. Thanks for understanding!
  • Hey daniel **** off how do you know Cindy really thats my cheating ***** for a wife
  • Fairly certain I crossed paths with Andrew today at the Sounders game haha.
  • Thanks, guys. I enjoyed this podcast even though I have absolutely no interest in using either of the phones you were going on about. And I learned something: the proto-notch! Y'all need to do more podcasts when you're strung out on the mac n cheese.
  • U guys have got to stop trying to get @ my wife Cindy
  • Stop in now Cindy or im ******* u up