The big Verizon Droid Event is today and before we all find out what Big Red's official plans are for their much hyped device(s), we have the latest rumors and speculation to get you up to date:

Droid Eris Specs Leak

It looks like the Droid Eris (what many believe to be Verizon's version of the HTC Hero) will run Android 1.5 on a 528 MHz processor. The 528 MHz processor isn't surprising considering most Android devices manage to stick it out at that CPU speed but having it run Android 1.5 is a bit disappointing considering we're already on Android 1.6 and the 2.0 SDK just got released (not to mention the Droid will be running 2.0). Maybe HTC isn't ready to release Android 2.0 devices just yet.

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We're imagining that Verizon is going to position the Droid as the high-end option with the Droid Eris becoming a lower-end handset. Hard to imagine a HTC Hero as a low-end device but with all the hype going to the Droid and the weaker specs, it's definitely possible. Another scenario could be the Droid Eris marketed as a keyboard-less option that uses the beautiful UI of HTC Sense as opposed to stock Android 2.0, keyboard-including option of the Droid. [bgr]

Verizon Training Employees on Droid Eris

It looks like Verizon Employees are getting themselves familiar with the Droid Eris. The screenshot (above) leaked from a Verizon Employee (natch) shows the training module that they have to go through. So if anyone had any doubt of this puppy landing on Verizon, they should cease now.

HTC Sense is also pictured in the screenshot so it gives more credence to the thought that the Droid Eris is simply the Verizon version of the HTC Hero. And if you remember, we dubbed the HTC Hero the best Android phone available not too long if best Android device lands on the 'best' network, that has to count for something right? [androidguys]

Droid & Droid Eris Releasing November 6th

It looks like the previously reported November 6th release date will hold true for both the Droid and the Droid Eris. This is amazing because Verizon will have gone from zero Android devices to two of the best Android devices available almost overnight.

What's interesting is that Verizon decided to dual-launch both handsets on the same day. Over at Sprint, they've staggered the release of the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment nearly a month apart to offer both handsets a chance to shine. Palm is also introducing the low-end Pixie much later than the high-end Pre. In fact, we don't remember the last time two noteworthy handsets were launched on the same day. But we guess, if they're both ready, why not get them out to the public as soon as possible, right? Hopefully, they won't cannibalize each other. [bgr]

Verizon Stores Getting Shipment of Droids?

And lastly, we have an unsubstantiated rumor to bid you good morning. A tipster is telling us that Verizon stores will be getting shipments of Droids as soon as this week. In fact, his particular store is receiving 100+ units as soon by the end of the week. 100 units seems like a lot for a first shipment but if it's a store located in a big city and if shipment is split between the Droid and the Droid Eris, it's a somewhat feasible number. We're just passing what we hear along, but if the November 6th release date is true, stores should be getting their Droids soon enough. We'll find out soon enough! thanks anonymous tipster!

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