More Droid Bionic pictures leak, show a 4.5 inch display

Seems like there were more Droid Bionic pictures to the set that we told you about earlier, as a user at PhoneHK has posted a slew of them, bringing even more news about the upcoming offering from Motorola.  Along with the new pictures is some more information about the specs: Android 2.3.4 (as pictured above), 4.5 inch qHD display, 1750 mAh battery, and 1080p HD video out.  Very nice to see Moto ship a phone with the latest version of Android on it, I tip my hat to them.  Of course, there's no word on just when to expect this one, or what kind of damage it's going to do to your bank account. 

Hit the break to see a side-by-side comparison with the Atrix, and the source link to see the rest of the pictures.

Source: Phone HK (Chinese) via Droid-Life

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  • I am on Sprint but it looks like the Droid Bionic enthusiasts got the last laugh. I drool for a 4.5 inch screen but will be ordering my EVO3D on the 21st.
  • super amoled plus or it's a pass on this one and will wait for the targa...
  • This is the Targa...
  • Unless it is from samsung it isn't going to have super amoled plus.
  • 1750mah battery? What happened to the 1930 on the original Bionic? Granted I like this design way better but they shouldn't have skimped on the battery.
  • Would it have killed the guy to take a picture of it from an angle? What's going on under the capacitive buttons? -Suntan
  • It appears as though it's just a beveled edge of some sort that isn't flush with the display... similar to the DX without the hard keys.
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  • Wow, that phone looks huge next to the Atrix. I have decent sized hands but it almost seems to big to hold up to your ear or put in your pocket. The Atrix I thought was a great size.
  • that's a defy not an atrix
  • they both look the same!
  • Except the atrix has a larger screen
  • Good eye , but its still HUGE
  • I wish they would have compared it to the droid x so we can really see how it compares. It doesn't look like it is that much larger if at all compared to a droid x.
  • I already have s tablet, thank you.
  • What's up with the "no SIM card" message in the top left-hand corner of the phone's display? I know its just a test phone, but Verizon is SIMless
  • no LTE SIM
  • unless it's a world phone... i think anyway
  • no, Verizon's LTE is a GSM based network and requires a SIM card
  • Because this is an LTE phone, and LTE is a GSM evolved technology, and therefore uses SIM cards. When the day comes that all of Verizon's network is LTE, they will slowly shutdown CDMA and move everyone over to the new network, and everyone will have a SIM. VZ is nearly half owned by Vodafone, and has wanted the company to move to GSM since the beginning, but the side owned by VZ (slightly more than 50%) has been slow to do this. It is now finally happening. When the full move to LTE is complete, VZ will be able to fully take advantage of its Vodafone half and market true global service... even better than AT&T. Former employee here. Guess that was more info than you asked... but it helps to understand some background :/
  • Actually, that response is perfect (the more info the better). Thank you everyone for your response. . . I just learned something today :-)
  • These smartphones are getting a little too big
  • Actually they've pretty much maxed out at 4.5" displays and will start getting smaller (thinner more specifically) now.
  • This > S2
  • Greater in size but not a greater phone.
  • All I can say is DAMN! Look at the size of this thing compared to the Atrix! lets see a size comparison between this and that cute little iPhone!
  • It's a defy not an atrix.
  • Sexual chocolate
  • Motoblur = no buy
  • Thats not a phone... its a spacestation!
  • Actually, it looks as if the Bionic has gone to the status of "Mini-tab".
  • So glad I got my Nexus S 4G.
  • Why because you will get updates faster? Because thats about the only thing better. I mean LTE> Wimax, verizon coverage> sprint coverage. dual core omap> single core hummingbird
  • Honestly... the Nexus S4G isn't quite that impressive. It feels cheap and a major killer is the lack of external memory.
  • Now the big question: Will it have an encrypted bootloader?
  • Sanjay Jha says: YES to ininity......
  • is it still Tegra 2 or did it change to single core?
  • omap dual core I think
  • is it still Tegra 2 or did it change to single core?
  • is it still Tegra 2 or did it change to single core?
  • Mmm I guess those insisting this is just the droid3 wont be commenting in this thread....
  • Am running Android 2.3.4, and I love it. So this phone it`s absolute to me.
  • Agree I am tired of phones running old OS's I am glad verizon is finally releasing a true beast of a phone with future proof specs and the latest os. Good thing I have an upgrade in july if this wasnt going to come out I would have thought about switching carriers.
  • I held out and waited for the DroidX1 last year and haven't seen anything since that would convince me to upgrade to a new phone. . . until now. Something about being able to use my phone as a surf board is just really enticing :P Seriously though I'm so getting this!
  • I was very happy to see this thing has the bigger it's only going to be good for about two months, till they start rolling out quad core phones........then we are going to be like that lady on the best buy its so funny..."what the $%&#" as soon as she as the new phone.
  • Why are guys with dx's like myself complaining about the size? It's. 2" bigger, for a guy with man hands... I welcome it.
  • Well. . . I was really just making fun of myself. I like big screens--hence my DroidX, and hence my proclamation "I'm so getting this [Bionic]!"
  • I am so satisfied with my Droid X that these new phones really have not been of that much interest... until now. This phone is shaping up as something that I have to have. The only deal killer for me will be HTC-like battery life (which Sucks). I also hope they keep the multiple microphones and excellent call quality of the Droid X.
  • moto is usually pretty good with battery life I mean look at the droid 2 and droid x. I would assume this will have similar battery life and much better than any htc.
  • Sign me up for two
  • I have to agree with the DX owners comments above. Nothing that has come out since the X has made me see a leap in technology like this. This makes me wanna jump this summer. Every other phone has something missing. While this may not be perfect in every way, it hits the mark on all the important features, Best network, Motorola's legendary radios, speakers and mic's, Dual Core, Gingerbread, Large HD display readable in sun, HD rear plus FF camera, keyboard dock compatible. It is as future proof as you can get right now. The phone will get rooted, blur will fall soon after. Battery life is all that's left to fix for these things, but that will require a whole other technology= time and money. PLEASE VERIZON, just keep this UNDER $300! This trend of $259+ phones is ridiculous.
  • That thing looks retarded...Why is it so big???!!!??!!?!
  • They should have compared it to the droid x not a defy. I mean the defy has a 3.7 inch screen I think this will be similar sized to droid x.
  • That's a Defy, not an Atrix. Once you realize that and the Defy only has a 3.7 inch screen, that really looks like a 4.3 inch screen and not a 4.5 screen.
  • Agree I think it will be 4.3 it isn't large enough next to the defy to be 4.5 and not to mention moto seems to be going with 4.3 screens anyway. Guess we will find out once more info leaks.
  • Nobody has mentioned that it appears to have curved glass like the HTC Sensation, and why all the crying about it possibly being 4.5 "? Not that big of a deal.
  • Once you realize that is a defy next to it the screen seems more like a 4.3 than 4.5
  • Yeah, agreeing with you above that its a Defy. The Atrix bootloaders is locked, and that phone, the Defy is running a custom MIUI rom. Making the bionic alot bigger than what it looks like in the picture.
  • I want to see one in person so I can hold my DX1 up to it, just to make sure it's not too big. I love my DX, but it is just on the good side of too big. I've been in the monitor/TV/phone world long enough to know that after a short while a screen is just a screen. My 26" monitor doesn't seem any different than my 22" monitor, and so on. Once you stare at it enough, size becomes irrelevant. The only thing you do want to pay attention to is you do NOT want your screen to be too small. That is simply unbearable.
  • If indeed the screen size is true then it was so worth the wait. Is it possible that finally VZW will be offering a flagship phone?? I will believe it when I see it hit the shelves, until then patiently waiting.....
  • This is not very scientific and I look funny measuring my screen at work but - on my computer the pic of the Defy measures ~2.625" and the Bionic ~2.9375". If that Defy is indeed 3.7" the Bionic shouldn't be any bigger than 4.2/4.3. Check my math though. Is there anything that says it will be 4.5 aside from the rumors?
  • I thought it would be 4.3 also. Only rumors are saying 4.5 so we will see when more info leaks out or verizon actually announces it.
  • I certainly hope it is 4.5", the bigger the better makes such a big difference!!
  • Looks more like that would be the Droid 3. Same "chin" and looks like it's a slider otherwise why have the "chin"? Also, the DROID BIONIC under the phone info looks Photoshopped.