More Bad News From Motorola

Yeah, we know. Another post about Motorola? Sorry but we still can't get over how badly Motorola bungled the whole situation in regards to Android and the immense consequence that their handset division is now facing. Engadget is reporting that 3,000 employees will be laid off and over two-thirds of those cuts will come from Motorola's handset division. Ye Gads.

Is anyone else imagining an alternate universe where Motorola was the first Android device and that it skyrocketed them back to mobile phone relevance? We know we are. Think about it, if Motorola had beaten the G1 to the market, the excitement of an Android device alone would carry their handset division for years to come. Even if it was just a few months off the release of the G1, Motorola would have still been able to capitalize on Android's initial popularity. Waiting a whole year? Well that just takes the juice out of the whole situation. We love you Moto, but boy did you mess this one up big time.


Casey Chan