Modern Dad has ALL the Amazon Dash Buttons

This video was sponsored by Amazon. I have a lot of Amazon stuff laying around. A half-dozen or so Echoes of varying ilk. A couple Fire TVs. Amazon's little indoor camera. But the one thing — things, really — that I'd never gotten around to trying was the Amazon Dash Button.

It's ridiculously simple. Just pick out the products you want to have a Dash Button for, and Amazon ships 'em to you. (Yes, you're ordering things to order other things. Stick with me here.) They've got little batteries inside, and you'll use your Amazon app to connect each button to your Wifi network. If there are different versions of a particular product, you'll have the opportunity to choose exactly what it is you want shipped. That takes about 30 seconds. After it's hooked up, all you have to do is tap the button to order that specific thing.

It really is that simple. But that doesn't mean I didn't have questions.

For one, what happens if and when my kids start mashing the buttons over and over? Amazon thought of that. And by default, only one items is ordered at a time. Press the button again before the first order is delivered, and you'll get a warning that someone's pushing the buttons over and over. (In fact, this whole thing is really good about alerting you anytime anything is ordered. It's very transparent like that.)

And am I paying for next-day shipping (or even faster) every time I hit the button? (They default to whatever your Amazon one-click options are.)

Is this all a little lazy? I dunno — I prefer to pronounce that as "awesomely efficient." Maybe I won't use Dash Buttons for everything, but that doesn't mean that they're not way cool.

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Phil Nickinson