Mobvoi TicWatch E2

Mobvoi's latest inexpensive Wear OS smartwatches, the TicWatch E2 and TicWatch S2, are now available shortly after their announcement back at CES. And the pricing is enticing: the simple E2 is just $159, and the sporty S2 is only $179

That makes the new E2 and S2 great smartwatches for anyone who wants a full-featured Wear OS experience that doesn't break the bank. Most high-end Wear OS watches cost about $300, which many people just won't spend (at least at first) on a smartwatch. There are other cheap alternatives, but they aren't particularly more compelling than what Mobvoi has here in the E2 and S2.

Wear OS for under $200 is a tough task, but Mobvoi has two fresh options.

Neither watch has particularly compelling styling, nor are they necessarily thin, but they have larger (415mAh) batteries and good-looking displays. There's no rotating crown, but they do have both a heart rate sensor and GPS for fitness tracking. Essentially, they hit all the basics you'd expect for well under that $200 price level.

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The main difference in the S2 that justifies its slightly higher price is its MIL-STD 810G rating, which makes it a bit more rugged and able to withstand the elements in tough situations where the E2 may not hold up. The S2 also has a slightly larger casing with a sporty design, whereas the E2 is a bit smoother and sleeker.

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