December is here which means the month of Movember is over and our moustaches have been shaved off. This is the first time we participated in the event as a network and it was an outstanding success. Together we raised over $14,000 for prostate and men's mental health research... MO-MAZING!!

Be sure to watch the video above to take a gander at the many men who participated in this year's event. And below we give special props to the tremendous fundraising efforts of a few of the team members that went above and beyond the call of duty, and also pay tribute to our favorite moustaches grown this month. We'll be reaching out to these invidividuals to hook them up with some special prizes, courtesy of MObile Nations.

Big congratulations to everyone that participated, and see you all back here next year for Movember at MObile Nations!

Top Fundraisers

Mike Whitton
Mike Whitton in Canada raised a total of $1762 (USD)
Daniel Kollehn
Daniel Kollehn in Australia raised $1105 (USD)
MObile Nations Movember Final update
Joel Kuipers raised $410 USD and Jeffrey Smith raised $400 USD. Awesome!

Favorite Moustache - the Most Dapper Look

Graeme Flack
Graeme Flack, Captain of Wheatley Associates Mo Bros

Favorite Moustache - the Best Handlebar

Mark K
Mark Kashman in the US aspired for handlebar greatness.

Dirty Moustaches... The Mobile Nations Mo-staches

Kevin, Jakob, Adam, Seth Clockwise: CrackBerry Kevin, Jakob Adolfsson, Adam and family, and Seth Ballard

MObile Nations crew Clockwise: Simon Sage, James Richardson, James Falconer, Bla1ze, Kevin, and Tom Kaminski.

Be sure to click through to our Mobile Nations Network page and you can check out all of the individual pages for each member on the team. Huge congrats and thanks go to everyone who participated, donated and supported Movember this year. The moustaches will be back next year!