Mobile Nations 7: Ain't we pretty?

Phil, Kevin, and Rene beta test a new video rig, survive technical problems, and talk RIM results, BlackBerry striking back, next generation Android phones, Windows 8 tablets, and a tale of two iPhones. This is Mobile Nations!



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Mobile Nations 6: Size matters

Phil Nickinson
  • The description of this podcast isinaccurate. Other than a couple jibes about RIM's doom and gloom it wasn't mentioned at all. Also I thought these things were supposedly going to last an hour. This one was a little over 35 minutes.
  • man maybe you should ask for your money back. no, wait this was free. stop complaining.
  • They talked about it in the live broadcast but I guess they left it out because of all the technical difficulties.
  • I thought Phil did a great job describing and showing some of the great and powerful Android machines. From what I understand this will be a biweekly podcast from these guys,, I like it. It would be great if the Android Central podcast could use that same technology, it just makes the podcast so much more interesting. I think it's just a basic Skype connection.