Might this be the HTC Vision?

The HTC Vision is a name that's been oft-whispered of late, first in a mere user agent string and more recently in unsourced dual-core processor rumors. Now there's supposedly an image the beast, seen above courtesy of Croatian website njuskalo. What we see here pretty clearly is a prototype (at the very least, the serial number gives that away), and the four-row keyboard is akin to the Windows Mobile Touch Pro 2, which is still among our favorites for horizontal sliders. The source says it's android 2.1 with a 1GHz processor, 1.2GB of storage and a 3.7-inch touchscreen. If and when we'll see this guy? Your guess is as good as ours, folks. And what we see here definitely is different than the HTC slider we previously saw go through the FCC. One more pic after the break. [Njuskalo via Engadget]

HTC Vision

  • first!!! im digging the looks of the keyboard. and the storage.
  • That first shit is retarded It looks like a Nexus 2 the front design is very similar but with a trackpad
  • That dose have the beast look of the nexus one w/slide keys. Any word on who maybe the carrier? Hopefully another Google unlocked starting on tmobile. It will be to see that beast running on hspa+ from T-Mobile. I'm in new York so I could reap the bennifits. Keep my fingers until then
  • I hope you keep your fingers either way.
  • looks sexy
  • I don't like the look of it much, but whatever lol
  • These leak pictures often aren't too flattering, and this might not be the final design. But it looks kind of bland. The Touch Pro 2 has a 5 row keyboard, which gives you easier access to numbers and leaves more room for symbols (since on a 4 row keyboard the first row of "alt" functions is lost to numbers). I'd really love to see the full 5 row KB and tilting screen of the Touch Pro 2 come to the Android world (with high end screen, processor, and memory specs of course). The Samsung Epic's keyboard looks like it will be a little better than this. Though for HTC Sense fans, it's nice to see this come into the fold.
  • This is interesting in a number of ways, it seems to me like this is running a froyo version of sense since the app drawer button changed and there is a landscape mode (which I think is why they haven't released a sense slider yet), I hope it is something they would add in the 2.2 version of sense for non sliders as its one of the only complaints I have abt the UI otherwise I couldnt imagine buying a stock device (before gingerbread) also I like the optic joystick on my incredible more than a trackpad for astetic purposes, but a trackpad would probably be more functional.......hmmm with that said I should probably go find something to do with my life rather than writing huge comments that serve no purpose
  • I think my life involves checking this site WAY too frequently and leaving obsessively long comments. Don't feel bad.
  • I think my life involves checking this site WAY too frequently and leaving obsessively long comments. Don't feel bad.
  • hhhrrrmmm, that's def. not android 2.1 with sense. i hope that's what the froyo sense will look like.
  • Looks like 2.1 to me. 2.2 has a different Google search bar, and the HTC version isn't white.
  • HTC always put something on there phones to make it ugly =/
  • I just threw up a little. Saying it's ugly is an understatement.
  • Ya… pretty much everything about it turned out to be not true.
    http://briefmobile.com/htc-vision-specifications-and-pictures 4.3″ screen – no.
    Dual core processor – no.
    Gingerbread – no. Only the QWERTY keyboard survives. ;)
  • I think it looks awesome! Does anyone notice the two identical buttons on the right of the keypad?
  • Are you sure that this is Sense UI on Android 2.1?? Have a closer look at the launcher. It is the stock launcher from Froyo! It might be that the new HTC Sense will use the stock 2.2 launcher...
  • VZW PLZ!