Microsoft Silverlight Is Coming To Android ?

Microsoft Silverlight, the web plug-in from the folks at Redmond, has made no secret that they've been trying to get into the iPhone. But with Apple controlling all the gates into their one slab device, it's quite obvious that it'll be a long time before we see Silverlight on the iPhone. In fact, the best they've done is simply just spoken to Apple about Silverlight.

So what does a developer do when spurned by one company? Even one as big as Microsoft? Simple, move on to the next company. Luckily, that company is Android. Android with its open-source, all apps are a go, anti-Apple approach will be monitored closely by the folks at Silverlight and to quote,

"[Android] is something we're going to continue to look at. Certainly as it's gotten deployed and if sales are good we'll definitely keep our eyes out and look at that in the future."  

[techradar via Android Authority]

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Casey Chan
  • This would work great. Download silverlight then fool Netflix into thinking I am running a full browser like say Firefox then stream away. Would be a good hack until the Netflix app makes its way to the market. The only reason I still carry my itouch is to stream Netflix on the go. Can't wait till I can sell that thing and be apple free. Minus my Dell hackintosh running OSX :)
  • Really think so? In this economy Microsoft really needs to aggressively hit this customer base. It's a win-win. Slow rolling this (Silverlight is at v5), is not helping Microsoft or its shareholders. Stock is sufferring and decisions like these don't help. Perhaps it's true that all of Silverlight's capabilities can't be realized on Android yet... So what? Get it close, get a known subset, just do something Microsoft. Don't be left behind...