Microsoft to announce 'Woodstock' cross-platform music service at E3?

Are you missing Zune and looking for a Microsoft flavored replacement? According to The Verge, ​Microsoft will be announcing their new music service at E3 this year. Code named 'Woodstock,' the service is allegedly going to be cross-platform, including Android, via an in-browser music player. 

The replacement for the Zune service, won't require any browser plugins and is said to integrate deeply with Facebook. While expected to be shown off at E3, the service isn't expected to be launching until later on in the year alongside Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The bigger question remains, is there room for another music service on Android? 

Source: The Verge via WPCentral

  • The minute you say Facebook, I run the other way.
  • Amen! I'm officially closing my page down tomorrow (gave my friend list the heads up last week).
  • The sad thing is your account never goes away. You have to contact facebook directly and go through a bunch of hassles. Because even if you close it you can still sign in like normal and BOOM there's your old account with all the same pictures and everything.
  • They gonna have problem in Poland, Woodstock (the event) is alive here ;]
  • >"Are you missing Zune and looking for a Microsoft flavored replacement?" You HAVE to be kidding. >"integrate deeply with Facebook." Geesh. Now there is a winner. Barf!
  • Zune music subscription is an amazing service. i couldn't believe it came from microsoft - far superior to itunes. very intuitive, great interface, nice catalog, subscription service is fantastic - been looking forward to an android option like zune ever since zune players were discontinued. not too happy about the heavy FB integration, but let's see.
  • i had a zune, and loved it...until they sent out an update that bricked it and refused to do anything about it, even though i was one of 1000s of users that had this happen to them...never again will i use a music service provided by microsoft
  • If this manages to allow for the use of Zune pass on other devices and do so WELL, I might not have to make the jump to WindowsPhone when my Zune dies (praying it makes it til WP8 comes out). I love my Epic, but I've never enjoyed any of the music syncing/playback options on Android as much as I like my Zune. Say what you want about the marketing and public acceptance of the Zune, but the interface is excellent and the software works better than iTunes did (for the brief time that I tried it).
  • Anyone who buys licensed music from Microsoft is an idiot. 2004 - Microsoft created MSN Music to sell DRM locked music. Four years later, they shut down their licensing servers and everyone who paid for songs from MSN Music was screwed. 2009 - Microsoft created Windows Marketplace for Mobile to sell apps for Win Mobile v6 devices. Less than three years later, they shut it down proving that the MSN Music fiasco wasn't an aberrant occurrence, it was just business as usual. "Take the money and run" is the Microsoft way of life.
  • Anyone who has actually used the Zune pass and/or bought music from the Zune marketplace would know that when you specifically buy music from them (including the 10 song credits/month for those grandfathered into that Zune pass plan) that it's DRM-free. I'm pretty sure MS was selling DRM-free music before iTunes was, as well. The files that are DRM protected are the ones that you download (not purchase) on the subscription pass which they flat out tell you won't work without an active Zune pass.
  • You sound like a butt hurt child.
  • My 80GB Zune has lasted me ~ 7 years. It is a fantastic little device. Back then, its screen would be considered gigantic (once of the reasons I got it), although now it's quite tiny. The Zune software is amazing; it's organized, it works great, it displays my album art it all. In my opinion, Zune is the only thing Microsoft has done right in decades. As far as marketing it goes, well, I can't speak to that, I never paid attention to it, because when I got mine I loved it. When this 80GB zune quits working on me, I don't know what I'm going to do. Thank goodness I have a complete backup of my entire collection through Google Music. I really wish they hadn't stopped making them.
  • I have 3 Zune HD's: 16, 32, and 64. It is still our preferred player and the software is a joy to use. I love the band pictures with info, track info, time left, and play lists that appear on the screen. No other player like it. It is VERY Metro if I must say. I hope this stays. SO for legacy Zune player support, I assume we need to hold on to Zune 4.8, correct? Or do you think the players could be "blacklisted" in favor for the phones?
  • If they have Zune service on Android, I'm in INSTANTLY. Really miss it.
  • I would have no problem returning to android if I could use my zune pass on the phone. Really is a huge reason i love Windows Phone right now.