New Messenger update enables split payments, much longer voice messages

Messenger Update Split Payments Voice Messages
Messenger Update Split Payments Voice Messages (Image credit: Meta)

What you need to know

  • Meta introduces new features to the Messenger app.
  • You can now review voice messages before sending them. They can now be up to 30 minutes long.
  • Users are able to split bills amongst their friends easily from within a group chat.
  • Meta also highlights Vanish Mode for sending end-to-end encrypted messages.

Meta is announcing a few new features to the Messenger app that expand its messaging features and make it easier to make collective group payments.

The first new feature is Split Payments, which is rolling out to iOS devices and the best android phones in the U.S. This feature lets you request money from within a group chat and split the amount amongst its members, and you'll be able to split the amount evenly or customize the amounts.

Source: Meta

To send a split payment, tap the "+" icon in a group chat, and in the payments tab, you'll find the option to get started with a split payment. It's a feature present on other mobile payment apps but could eliminate the extra step by letting it happen within an existing group chat.

Meta is also expanding its voice messages. Previously, they were limited to just one minute, but now you can send voice messages up to 30 minutes long. Additionally, users will be able to easily review their voice messages before they send them. It's a feature that was recently introduced on WhatsApp and should be helpful given the time limit increase.

Messenger Voice Messages Update

Source: Meta (Image credit: Source: Meta)

Lastly, Meta highlights Vanish Mode, which lets you send disappearing messages à la Snapchat. Swipe up from a chat to turn the feature on, and you can send text, images, stickers, and more that will disappear after they're viewed. And when you want to go back to a regular chat, swipe back up.

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