Alex Sink debate message

Say what you want about Florida politics -- and being from Florida, I can say plenty -- but at least they're never boring. Such was the case last night during the televised gubernatorial debate between Democratic nominee Alex Sink (the state CFO) and Republic nominee Rick Scott (a health care executive).

While Scott is no stranger to controversy -- his health care company was fined $1.7 billion for alleged fraud -- this time it was Sink who was accused of wrongdoing after a staffer passed her a message on a smartphone during the debate during a commercial break. (That's a make-up artist handing Sink the phone above.) That's a no-no, and the staffer has been fired.

But the best part was when Scott brought up the violation live after the commercial break, saying, “First Alex, you say you always follow the rules. The rule was no one was supposed to give us messages during the break, and your campaign did with an iPad or an iPod.”

Turns out it was neither, though. The phone that ended a career: The Motorola Droid. Check it out, after the break. [CNN] Thanks, Joe!