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It looks like the next big thing has hit Kickstarter, and it's called Memoto. This tiny little 5 megapixel camera clips to your clothes, automatically takes pictures, geotags them, and once plugged into your computer over microUSB, uploads to the cloud for storage (provided you have a subscription plan with Memoto). There isn't a single button on the camera because it automatically starts shooting as soon as you start wearing it.

The picture quality isn't particularly great, but Memoto is aiming for sheer volume. We're talking two per minute for two days straight on a single charge. Luckily, the Android and web app will help organize everything into batches of shots and splice the moments into time-lapse videos. Sharing can be open or private, with selective visibility. 

On the one hand, I can't help but see this as the perfect Christmas present for hipsters that overshare on Instagram, but on the other I appreciate something taking pictures that aren't forced or framed, since I find they tend to be the most meaningful and honest. It's also nice having all of the pictures automatically organized by location and timeframe. Manually managing that stuff is a hassle, and my case often results in great shots sitting on an SD card somewhere, unshared and barely viewed. It would be good to see Memoto talk directly with your mobile in some way, as opposed to just accessing pictures already in the cloud, though transferring an image over Bluetooth every two minutes to be particularly battery-efficient. Maybe using the phone's GPS could add location accuracy, or maybe you could splice in photos from your phone into moments being recorded on the Memoto. 

The Memoto Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday and is already fully funded. Early Bird backers stock is sold out, but there are some Memoto units available at the $249 tier, which is still $30 off what they intend to sell it for once it hits retail in the spring. Anyone biting? The pricetag seems a little steep, no?