Meet the Motorola CLIQ

Here's the Motorola CLIQ, in perfect detail. The CLIQ is Motorola's first official entry into the Android game and it looks like it'll be a good one. Judging from the press shots, we feel that the CLIQ is loads better than the prototype Morrison and a solid effort overall. Available on T-Mobile in the fourth quarter, T-Mobile and Motorola both expect the CLIQ to sell a ton of units.

The CLIQ will come in two color options: Winter White and Titanium and will have a 3.1 inch 320x480 screen along with the usual slew of 3G, WiFi, 5 megapixel camera, and such.

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Casey Chan
  • Looks nice, should be cheap, no gps
  • It has wi-fi as a standart and gps as well, this is the all in one device from moto and it can compete with all, HTC Hero, N97 etc.. And this is just the entry level smartphone from Motorola. We will see the Sholes or Calgary soon which is the powerhouse device.