McDonald's partners with Aircharge to bring Qi charging to UK locations

Aircharge, which develops wireless charging products, has partnered with McDonald's to add wireless charging stations to several of their restaurants throughout the UK. Announced during CES 2015, the agreement would see a total of 600 Qi wireless charging spots across the country, and follows a smaller initial market test.

From Qi at CES:

The Aircharge charging spots were specially designed to be water resistant and easy to wipe clean – perfect for a public environment like a restaurant. And because they're using Qi, many consumers already have devices that are ready to charge. There are already more than 70 Qi-enable smartphones on the market.

If you don't have a smartphone with Qi wireless charging, you will be able to use a Aircharge wireless charging receiver with your device, which is provided at the charging spot. No timeline has been given for the rollout.

Source: Qi at CES