Marvel's Avengers will soon allow Captain America to smash through doors with the next patch

Marvels Avengers Captain America
Marvels Avengers Captain America (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Marvel's Avengers is getting a new patch soon.
  • This patch finally allows Captain America to smash through doors.
  • There's also some various stability fixes.

Square Enix just released a massive patch fixing numerous bugs in Marvel's Avengers but the team working on improvements isn't done yet. Patch V1.3.1 is coming and, most notably, finally allows Captain America to smash through doors. There's plenty of fixes, with the highlights below:

  • Captain America can now smash through doors.
  • Fixed an issue where overcharge meters were inappropriately decreasing during a team finisher.
  • Various Crash & Stability fixes.
  • Addressed an issue where Villain Sectors would not properly refresh, which caused players to miss out on weekly rewards.
  • Fixed a rare issue when selecting "Once an Avenger" inadvertently sent the player to the wrong mission.
  • Addressed a rare bug that results in a player's Hero Level being reset, usually following a multiplayer connection issue. - (Xbox/PC only)

Captain America being able to smash through doors has been widely-requested, so it's nice to see the developers add this feature. In addition to these fixes, the team is giving some resources to anyone who logs in and looks at a challenge card by October 1:

  • 250 Polychoron
  • 500 Uru

We're still keeping track of all the confirmed bugs and issues in Marvel's Avengers right now. In our review, we noted that the core game and story felt strong but the service elements felt bolted-on. Marvel's Avengers is getting a free PS5 upgrade later this year, meaning anyone who has bought the game on PS4 can benefit when playing it on the next-generation platform. More DLC is coming in the form of new heroes post-launch.

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