Marshmallow update for Galaxy devices brings more security

Along with the changes we've come to expect with the Marshmallow update, Samsung has thrown in a few extras for Galaxy devices. A new post from Samsung details the changes that users will find following the update, like the improvements to its own browser's security, multitasking and much more. Starting with the web browser, Samsung Internet 4.0 will bring a Secret mode, which allows you to browse the internet freely, with no trail of information like history, cookies, or anything else. This new mode will be secured by fingerprint authentication, adding another layer of security.

Additionally, Samsung is introducing Cross App, which allows users to operate a variety of apps right from within another app. An example would be accessing photos and videos from within the messaging app, or opening a URL in a chat program using an in-app browser, and being able to bounce back and forth between the website and conversation with just a flick. These are just some of the changes that come in addition to the standard Marshmallow features, like improved permission control, Doze and others. For a full explanation of the changes, be sure to hit the link below.

Source: Samsung

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