Marshmallow arriving soon for the NVIDIA Shield Android TV

Coming up tightly after the release of Marshmallow for the Shield Tablet K1, NVIDIA has a Marshmallow update in store for the Shield Android TV as well. The new software update doesn't completely revamp the box's experience, but does add features and change a few things.

Perhaps the biggest functional change is the addition of Adoptable Storage, which lets the Shield Android TV take any SD card or USB storage device and "adopt" it into the system so it acts exactly as if it were contiguous internal storage. There are still downsides to this method — such as speed concerns and the inability to swap between cards or storage devices — but for those who want to semi-permanently upgrade the storage in their Shield Android TV, this will be a great way to do it.

On the interface side, the Google Play Store now has a slicker look with better categorization and discoverability with the use of top charts, and when you install apps you can now completely customize their layout on the home screen. That means you can pin your favorite apps to specific spots so they never change from where you know them to be — just like on your phone's home screen.

And finally, Marshmallow helps streamline the setup process for those who buy a new Shield Android TV or perform a factory reset. With Marshmallow, you can do a full setup process of the Shield Android TV in one step by connecting to your phone and passing your account and Wi-Fi network information over to the box — just like you can currently do between two phones or a phone and a tablet running Marshmallow.

The update is slated to roll out soon, and NVIDIA will put a solid date on it when it has been finalized. That's a bit frustrating, but if previous updates are any indication NVIDIA will have Marshmallow out the door and hitting everyone's boxes in short order.

Source: NVIDIA

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.