Marshall's new Emberton speaker has big sound, a small body, and costs $149

Marshall Emberton Lifestyle Image
Marshall Emberton Lifestyle Image (Image credit: Marshall)

What you need to know

  • Marshall's new ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker is the Emberton.
  • The Emberton weighs 0.7 kg, comes with multi-directional sound, and keeps Marshall's multidirectional control knob.
  • The Marshall Emberton will go on sale from July 1.

Marshall has launched a new speaker, what it's calling the most compact and portable speaker to date, the Mashall Emberton.

It's not a smart speaker, so don't expect any Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant support. What it does have is Bluetooth 5.0 support, allowing you to stream your music to the speakers for up to 30 feet for a socially distanced group session. It's small, compact, and road-worthy, weighing 0.7 kg with IPX7 water-resistance onboard, and Marshall says it can last for more than 20 hours on a single charge.

Audio-wise, Marshall has equipped the Emberton with what it dubs "True Stereophonic," a feature that lets the speaker broadcast multi-directional sound. Marshall says the Emberton outperforms most speakers in its class, but the proof of that would have to be in the pudding (or the listening). Marshall's multi-directional control knob also makes its return here, allowing simple controls like playing, pausing, track skipping, etc.

Marshall's new speakers will go on sale from July 1 from $149 on their website.

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