A man who gets his money's worth [From the Forums]

As far as I can tell, there is no entry in the Guinness Book for amount of data consumed by a person in a month.  So I'm creating a very unofficial, tongue-in-cheek, yet highly prestigious and chock full of nerd cred World Record for Data Use on a Mobile Device.  The bragging rights go to (the envelope please) jonathanlc2005 from our very own forums, with a total usage for one month of 52.663 Gigabytes!

Be fully aware that jonathan IS paying for the Sprint Hotspot, so before anyone pulls a Kanye and jumps in, do the math -- 52 GB @ $30.00 isn't abusing anything, except maybe Jonathan's wallet.  Think you can beat the record?  Grab a screen cap of your total data usage for the month, or a pic of the relevant portion of your bill (be sure to edit out any personal info please!) and send it to me.  No cheaters, so that means no unofficial WiFi hotspot or tether apps from the Market.  We don't want to give the carriers any more ammo to use against us.  For now, feel free to head over and congratulate jonathan on his hard work!  [Android Central forums]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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