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As far as I can tell, there is no entry in the Guinness Book for amount of data consumed by a person in a month.  So I'm creating a very unofficial, tongue-in-cheek, yet highly prestigious and chock full of nerd cred World Record for Data Use on a Mobile Device.  The bragging rights go to (the envelope please) jonathanlc2005 from our very own forums, with a total usage for one month of 52.663 Gigabytes!

Be fully aware that jonathan IS paying for the Sprint Hotspot, so before anyone pulls a Kanye and jumps in, do the math -- 52 GB @ $30.00 isn't abusing anything, except maybe Jonathan's wallet.  Think you can beat the record?  Grab a screen cap of your total data usage for the month, or a pic of the relevant portion of your bill (be sure to edit out any personal info please!) and send it to me.  No cheaters, so that means no unofficial WiFi hotspot or tether apps from the Market.  We don't want to give the carriers any more ammo to use against us.  For now, feel free to head over and congratulate jonathan on his hard work!  [Android Central forums]

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  • wow. At least he had the hotspot, but this is why Sprint is going to drop the unlimited data.
  • I hope they don't go to tier pricing like at&t, but if they do I hope its different. something like 25GBs as the lowest tier, and up from there. that would stop dushbags like jonathan from abusing the network and it'll still feel like unlimited to me. I normally don't use more the 4GBs, and I thought that was a lot.
  • is there really a need for comments like this? just because YOU don't use that much data doesn't mean you can be an ass to anyone who uses more than you. and how is it abusive when he's paying for the service? is it also abusive for someone to send out 5000 texts a month because they have unlimited texting? or using 5000 minutes on an unlimited talk plan? what exactly is the difference. they offer it as unlimited without the fine print saying it's really only 5gb or some crap..then feel free use it. these people who brag about using GB's a month on rooted phones with "free" tethering are the ones who are going to ruin it for everyone.
  • I'm not sure how much data I use. I'm on wifi at both work and home so it's hard to get a good number on it but I would guess I only use 4-5GBs/month total so mad props to 52GBs!
  • Even with the Hotspot it won't matter. Consistent usage like this will give Sprint the justification it wants to tier Data.
  • They want that no matter what this guy does. Better to get it while it's offered.
  • Right on.. this is exactly what Dan Jesse was referring to earlier this month when he said that data would remain unlimited unless people started going overboard with usage. Sad.
  • Well...I utilize 1.9GB data every month on my AT&T Nexus One (capped at 2GB). This is in addition to the wifi I use at home to download and play youtube videos at home on my phone. Is there anyone who uses 2GB + 1GB + 1GB + .... + 1GB = ? GB on AT&T's capped data plans? BTW...each additional 1GB costs $10. AT&T's crappy network is the most expensive now. jonathanlc2005's usage on AT&T would have cost him $76.
  • This will cost us in the end.
  • It's costing you now. 30 bucks extra a month. People who purchase and use the unlimited hotspot won't cause Sprint to cap data, but the thieves who use root and/or tethering to use 1 GB extra will. UGH. Edit**
    10 GB extra not 1 GB extra :p
  • Jerry.. earlier this month Dan Hesse said himself that unlimited data would be offered as long as users didn't start oversaturating the network. He never limited his comments to exclude those who were paying for hotspot. So yes, if enough people do this, they will give Sprint the justification to move to tiered data and screw the typical users.
  • Mr Hesse was talking about the 69.00 unlimited cellphone data plans. This is an entirely different service. There has been no mention of increasing costs, or capping data on Overdrive/mifi or Aircard plans.
  • Well you're a technological ignoramus. Aircards and overdrives come from the same source of data as phones that use 3G and WiMax. Same source meaning people that use a 3G aircard are pulling from the exact data source as a 3G phone. Get it?
  • I'll admit it, I use a rooted EVO and I use the free WiFi-tether app, but I don't use anywhere near 10GB of data a month... I don't think I've ever gone near 5GB, tho I often go past 2GB; which is why I'm SO glad I switched from AT&T in June. I've used over 2GB/month on my EVO even WITHOUT tethering or doing anything fancy (no large downloads, not much video viewing, no music streaming at all), just web browsing and apps. I can't fathom living w/a 2GB cap... I'd think rather than capping data use off the bat they should first offer some tiered tethering options. Sprint's current tethering option is reasonably priced compared to the competition, $30 for 8 devices w/no cap and 4G access is competitive... But not everyone needs to tether to 8 devices, etc. I'd actually be willing to pay an extra $10-15 for a capped tethering feature (say, 5-15GB) if it'll benefit everyone in the long run (and it'll keep them from capping data use on phones themselves).
  • Maybe in the end, but not today!
    I use my T-Mobile phone as my sole internet connection, tether to all the devices in my house. Its fast enough to play xbox live and watch netflix at the same time. I hit just over 25 gigs last month. Normally they throttle you after 2 or 5 gigs, but i'm on an employee plan so mine is truly unlimited! Funny thing is I don't even work there. I thought mine might be a world record until I saw this one, looks like I'll need to play double the Halo this month huh. T-mobile took away the tether for free option with the ICS update, the moment I learned that it did that I vowed to never update my android version. Totally worth it to stick with old Gingerbread.
  • i got 3366362kb on mine.....whats that translate to?...verizon dinc.
  • About 3.3 GB.
  • Actually 3366362kb (kilobits) is 0.401GB
  • It's actually 3.2104129791 gigabytes. The first person was more accurate.
  • I got a big problem with Android Central promoting this like some sort of contest or game. Nobody is saying he doesn't have a RIGHT to do what he is doing, but ultimately this type of thing is just going to cause data for the rest of us to be more expensive and slower. It would be funny if Sprint decided they didn't need his business anymore and released him from his contract and cancelled his service. While he is not violating any of Sprint's rules, they also don't need to keep him as a customer if they feel like he is costing them more than he earns them each month. Either way, Android Central should seriously re-think their promotion of this.
  • Oh STFU! No where does it state in ANY contract that the user is subject to a theoretic bandwidth. He is legally paying for unlimited bandwidth. Maybe the carriers should have put a foot in their mouth before they let the word UNLIMITED roll off of their tounges. Greed is a virus AT&T caught it first and now Sprints' throat is itchy! Who really cares if he is doing something that by contract he is leagally able to do. You should seriously re-think your train of thought...
  • He's paying for it. If you offer unlimited, then it better be unlimited.
  • Doesn't 52,663,734KB translate to 50.224GB?
  • yes sir 52,663,734KB * (1MB / 1024KB) * (1GB / 1024MB) = 50.2240505218505859375GB
  • actually it is 52 gigs since the final amount was 54,205,343
  • How the hell did you get it so high? That's freakin' crazy. I hope Sprint doesn't see this and say, "Ok, that does it, no more unlimited." Dan Hesse said that when people use crazy amounts of data like this it ends up costing them money so they must feel the need to stop unlimited data for both phones and data cards.
  • Man this 'contest' is making me extremely angry. It is good that he is paying for the hotspot and for sure, the carrier (Sprint) has offered up 'unlimited' data and have opened the door to this kind of stunt but as a Sprint customer I do not want my service negatively impacted because Mr. Hildenbrand is promoting this terrible stunt. I do not want to be stranded on the side of the road and unable to contact help because the network is overloaded -- Mr. Hildenbrand and AndroidCentral should rethink this. Brian
  • Lol this is like getting mad at someone for eating all the food at an all u can eat buffet... Yea it may be greedy but who says they cant do it?! lol
  • If someone has a medical emergency and can't call for help because chuckleheads in the area are trying to out download one another for this contest then AndroidCentral and Mr. Hildenbrand leave them selves open to civil prosecution. If someone dies because of this stunt then they maybe liable for criminal prosecution. This is just a bad idea all the way around and the buffet analogy doesn't fly as there's little chance that someone hogging the food at the buffet will expose someone else to a life threatening problem. Brian
  • You're acting like someone kicked your dog and you're taking it out on the world. The buffet analogy is the PERFECT analogy. You're analogy sounds like a 5 year old wrote it.
  • ... and if the guy eats so much that others can't get more than a breadstick?
  • They make more breadsticks :)
  • Awesome! lol
  • lol. Call me Jerry :)
  • Everyone who uses the 'Broke Down on the side of the Road/Other Type of Emergency Analogy/Excuse' Voice gets priority over Data..I think its set up Voice->Text->Data. so you would kick him off of one of the 'Lanes' with your call. However if you were to break down in say Washington DC on Inauguration Day you may have problems. But that is because "Everyone" is using there phones..not just one person. Even so, they still roll out COLTS and COWS. COW is the acronym for Cell On Wheels, a COLT stands for Cell On Light Truck.They are portable systems that are used during natural disasters and big events, such as the Super Bowl. *All of these are my opinions and what I think is my understanding of the way mobile networks work.
  • I haven't quite reached the 50 GB echelon yet, but I'm at 12,535,805 KB with nine days left to go in the current usage period. So I may end up somewhere around 20 GB for the whole period. But all that data is over 3G, since I'm too attached to the 4G-less CM6. I use my phone as my sole internet connection, but I pay the $30 hotspot fee. I don't feel a need to impose some sort of personal limitation on my usage, since I believe it constitutes a legitimate usage of a very real product offered by Sprint.
  • I lol at all you people who are mad at him for using a service that he legally has the right to. It is called unlimited for a reason. And all you who think he is costing the careier more than the what he most likely he is paying in two years which could be around 2500 every two years get real. Data costs carriers nothing. They make the most marginal profit from their prices. Plus he is just a small number in comarison to the million subscribers they are using data everyday.
  • Nobody is saying its ILLEGAL for him to do this or against the rules in any way shape or form. Most of us are saying its likely NOT a good thing for the rest of us, will likely cause higher rates and tiered data plans, and is just kind of a douchebag thing to do. If this wasn't some sort of 'stunt' he wouldn't be posting about it or getting the AC mods to post it on the front page. Those making the all you can eat buffet comment are just silly as well. Its not like him actually EATING all the food. Its like him taking 1 of everything, licking it, and then throwing it out.. just because he 'can'. As I said it would be pretty funny if Sprint just decided to release him from his contract and allows him to take his 'profit' to another carrier. I believe Sprint has done this in the past to people that have abused 'unlimited' plans.
  • You're wrong. The 30.00 plan is not unlimited device data, it's specifically sold with tethering/bandwidth sharing in mind, just like the Overdrive plan. I used about 190 GB through Comcast last billing cycle. Sprint would like me to drop Comcast and use their service instead. They call, text and mail me several times a month to remind me I can do just that.
  • "52.663 Gigabytes!" man, that's a lot of porn!
  • this is grossly abuse of the system. just because u can do it, it doesnt mean u should. would sprint use this to repeal their unlimited? only hesse know. i dont care if they do, im grandfathered in. plus i only use less than 1gb|mo anyway.
  • I just pray Sprint doesn't tier our data here in the near future.
  • You know what they say - praying doesn't do a thing. And Sprint will get on a tiered plan sooner than most think. Yes, THIS guy is paying for the hotspot, but look at all that data he is using. Other people root and tether for free and use crazy amounts of data as well. In the end, it will be excessive use of the network that will result in tiered plans ... that and they can make more money off of it. There was a poster on XDA who wanted "Ways to use crazy amounts of data" or something in hopes that Sprint would kill his account or some dumb sh*t like that. Some people mindlessly waste data just to do it ... using it for shit that they really don't even need. Sure this isn't the case for everyone, and in this case the guy is paying for the hotspot feature .... but as many have said, this is why tiered plans will be here shortly.
  • data cap inc...gj...
  • All the folks complaining about how much this guy uses, I ask you, how much do you use on your DSL or cable? I'm considering paying for Sprint's Hotspot because it's faster and cheaper than my ISP.
  • Four facts to consider: 1. Hardline internet (cable) can have 100X the bandwidth of even 4G. 2. The percentage of internet data going over cellular networks is increasing much faster than hardline. 3. Some places, such as Japan, now deliver more data over cellular than hardline. 4. Any pipe is limited in capacity and when you overload it a number of bad things can happen. One such thing is that you may not be able to make an emergency call when you need to. I don't see how this is so hard to understand -- there are limits. Brian
  • Would anyone be complaining about this if it was over a normal ISP line? No. This is no different except the infrastructure it goes through. It's not like he was downloading 20 gig files and clogging up the pipe for the hundreds of thousands of people around him. It's ridiculous to get angry at this as it's just someone using tools available to them to the fullest extent. *Edit*
    Alright guy above me, it's really weird that you and I posted the same thing at the same time.
  • This goes for wekebu as well, I'm too busy to post twice :p You guys understand. Sprint advertises their unlimited 30.00 data plan as unlimited, and a great way to replace your cable provider/ISP. They love to get 30 bucks for 52 GB of data. 3 stars. Would buy again!
  • Yes, the carriers bare some responsibility here by offering "unlimited" plans but those are ending and in no small measure because of abuse like this. So, enjoy it while you can because it IS coming to an end. We will have tiered plans and then we'll go fully metered. So, when we're fully metered it won't matter if you root to get free wifi hotspot or not because if you use the data they will charge you for it -- just like the electric company does. In the summer, when all the AC units are chugging away, it's not uncommon for the power company to reduce voltage and then shut down circuits because they to have limited capacity. Data use is growing MUCH faster than capacity and 4G doesn't alter that equation very much at all. If this trend continues the networks will fail -- period! Brian
  • Thanks Jer, but I'm not a guy :)
  • Awesome. Why don't you guys just post an article on why carriers should have data caps and tiered pricing. I have never in all my years of phone-addiction seen such an asinine contest/F-up/cluster-f go on as I am reading now about this guy Jonathan and his 50GB plus data consumption over his wifi-enabled cell phone going over a carrier's cell towers. you can kiss the last great bastion of data unlimited-ness sprint goodbye because of crap like this. Idiots. all of you who allowed this post are idiots. Signed, More knowledge and more cell phones than all of you who run this site. Dayne.
  • With all that knowledge and all those cellphones then I guess you don't need to read articles from those idiots on AC anyways, and you could just keep occupied calling your knowledgeable self on your numerous phones lol
  • FYI for all you people saying this is fine and it truly is "unlimited" Hesse said last week in an interview that he can't guarantee that data will be unlimited forever and that if usage gets "out of hand" they can't say they won't go to caps and tiered pricing. yet another reason you people should stop playing internet jockey and learn/follow/study the system, companies, trends, and infrastructure you're posting about every day.....
  • NO wonder they are going to TIER data!!!! UGH I f I have to switch I'll be pissed!
  • Hey AC. I'm a longtime reader, first time poster. I felt like chiming in since I do work for a major cell carrier and can say the one truth about all of them is they are in business to make money. It is virtually impossible for a single person or even groups of people to bog a network down so much with data that it would prevent emergency calls. It is also true that the instant it becomes less profitable for unlimited data packages over tiered ones, that is when the switch to tiers occurs. VZW and ATT each have more cell users Sprint and TMO combined and that is also way more smartphones, regardless of the platform of the phones themselves, and we all know more and more high end devices are being released and activated every second of every day. It only makes sense that when your userbase is growing faster than your network, you need to impose certain restrictions or else it will simply be overrun and service simply stop entirely, putting you out of business. The buffet analogy is cute but the networks are more like hydro dams. At any time there is a set amount of water(data) let through which can be throttled as hydro(bandwidth) is needed. If the measures to manage increased needs are not set in place soon enough (I.E. widening ports or setting usage caps) then the backup of water(users and usage) will be backed up so heavily that the entire dam network will eventually collapse. It will happen eventually that all major carriers will go with tiered or heavily throttled service so all you can do is spend your dollars wisely with who gives you the coverage you need at the best price right now. Thanks. ZPudd. Sent from my Telus Milestone running CM 2.2
  • Thank you. I enjoyed your comment. A single person cannot drive a network to switch to tiered data. Nor does advertising a little contest will bog the network down. The majority use very little data. But I can understand how a business works and it can easily improve profits for its shareholders by making a switch but I think tiered data will be the future but we subscribers that have been paying for unlimited and want to keep unlimited data better be grandfather in. I also think tiered data is an inefficient use of the network but if its cheaper it dont matter.
  • To those who participate in this contest, you all will be the ones we thank on Sprint giving us Tiered Pricing and getting rid of unlimited >:(
  • thats bull$hit since i pay for hotspot.... blame the free tether people, not me. remember, i paid for the extra cable of fiber to handle the bandwidth, not them
  • http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/22/sprint-ceo-hints-unlimited-data-could... Only thing I'll point out is this.. Hesse mentioned that his company "can offer unlimited as long as the usage is reasonable," suggesting that a glut of extremely heavy users (you probably know who you are) could ultimately mean he "can't afford to do that anymore." Frankly anything over 10GB on a mobile device isn't that reasonable. Doesn't matter if your paying or not, with the high data usage we will see the end of unlimited data and go tiered pricing.
  • I could care less whether he's paying extra for the official hotspot feature, I'd still consider that an abuse of the service. /shrug Probably the reason we'll all end up on tiered services before long... That being said, tiered services are not in and of itself a bad thing... AT&T's tiers just suck, 2GB is way WAY too low for their top-end data plan. I can (and HAVE) used more than 2GB/month w/o even tethering or music streaming, just web browsing a few hours a day, watching a few videos on AC, and using apps that use data to access info. 200MB is worthless to anyone that actually uses their smartphone.
  • Oh, also don't forget that regardless of what happens in the future, short of entirely cancelling your service due to various usage terms and conditons, what is illegal is for a company to change your service that you started with your contract to pay for over X amount of time to anything else without your express written or verbal permission. Once you start an unlimited data plan it is yours according to the company's usage terms and can not be changed so be sure to get it grandfathered in with unlimited plans when the tiers are announced. If you do take part in this data usage contest be sure to take a glance at your company's terms of use pages first just to be safe. Thanks again, ZPudd. Again from my 2.2 Milestone.
  • Its not illegal however for Sprint to terminate your contract, free of charge, and ask you to please go find another carrier.
  • aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeeeeessssssssssssomeeeeeeee...............
  • I just got off the phone with Sprint. Told them I was interested in dropping my cable and using my Evo for my own "always with me" internet. They thought that was a great idea. Made sure they knew I used over 100 GB monthly. They still thought it was a great idea, and let me know that the 30.00 plan offered unlimited data use for up to 8 separate devices.
  • Nice bit of research, their $30 tethering plan is VERY fairly priced compared to the competition's (which either has caps, doesn't allow as many devices, or both, and it's usually no more than $5 cheaper)... I do wish they'd add tiered tethering plans tho, they'd probably hook more people on it and then there'd be no need to touch the exiting phone data plans. It's also kind of odd that laptop modems and MiFis have a cap (I think?) tho, considering it's the same concept and execution.
  • I don't understand you people who are getting upset because he's using a service he is PAYING for. what about all of you people using rooted devices with "free" tethering? you're the ones who are adding to the problem. if i lived in a 4G area i would drop my cable for the hotspot. $50 a month for cable or $30 a month for 4g? i can hit 50gb a month depending on how busy i am and see no reason why i shouldn't be aloud to use that much data. i swear you people just need an excuse to complain and the internet is like a really big bullhorn for you to use to get your point across. stop trolling the internets and worrying about what other people are doing.