From the mail bag: Did HTC just out an edge-to-edge device?

Thunder350 writes,

A beautiful unannounced almost bezel free HTC device has been spotted on HTC's new HTC Sense web page! Is it a future device? Or just HTC teasing us with a beautiful phone we wish we had?

Boy, oh boy, that picture there on HTC's website (opens in new tab) is gorgeous. It's reminiscent of the old Windows Mobile HD2 (which as you should know was also hacked to run Android pretty well), or maybe even that way early Google phone concept (opens in new tab)

But, alas, it's not real. HTC (probably chuckling, we imagine), tells us:

While the idea is intriguing, I can assure you that image is intended just to show off the Sense software UI without any device hardware. Sorry, it's not an indication of any future device. :)

Not yet it's not, anyway. :p

  • Suns-a-bitches! Bumpus's!
  • LMAO that never gets old
  • Fraa-geee-lay! I think its Italian!
  • hahaha is that a Rugrats reference?
  • A Christmas Story
  • looks nice now watch it be huge and pointless
  • It's good to have some bezel, at least enough for a case to latch on to. Otherwise, I'll break that within the first day of having it.
  • Yup, and its hard enough to keep all all your fingers and thumbs off the glass now. With no bezel, you would always be confusing the multi-touch by just holding it.
  • o_O how do you hold your phone? Death grip?
  • And if you look at the picture, the phone DOES have bezel. Current phones already have a thin bezel on the sides, so people are just asking that the top and bottom match the sides. We don't need bezel space for the branding or buttons anymore.
  • Looks good. Hopefully it turns out to be true. These huge bezels are such a waste and could get much larger screens in the current size of phones if they did this.
  • It sure as hell should be indicative of a future device!
  • Hope this device is official because it looks so sick gots to have :))))
  • And..... It still won't get an ICS update...
  • While pictures of edge to edge devices may look nice, there is a lack of usability that comes with such a design. Holding it will undoubtedly cause unintended touches on the edges of the screen where you are holding it. I even do this sometimes when the case isn't on my EVO 3D.
  • Yes some bezel is nice, but phones today at the top and bottom definitely have too much bezel
  • Oh yeah, agreed.
  • How the hell are you guys holding the phone? I hold the sides, not the screen itself. Pretty sure some innovations will occur for cases as well.
  • I think such a device would be awkward to use since there's not much to grab on to if you have to hold it and use it at the same time.
  • Aw, my hopes have been slashed for the time being. :( Thanks for getting a response from HTC Phill!
  • Really? A paper thin device? I don't see how anyone in their right mind could think this was an actual thing. A screenshot with a border around it is now a "future phone". Okay.
  • There have been mockups and devices that students have put together that show its not only possible (obviously) but also depending on the materials used, strong enough to survive everyday use. Some claim that said devices could even be stronger then today's devices if you compact them together enough. There's even organic OLED technology where it's basically a bendable paper screen! The future is always right around the corner. And if students can do these things, surely a company could if they wanted! :)
  • Students don't honor warranties.
  • Do you have a link to said phones that were created by students? I'm really interested in seeing them.
  • Okay, but using today's mass-market tech, where would you fit the battery, etc into the phone?
  • That's not a new phone.. That's just screen shots of HTC's new Sense 4.0.
  • Well if it is a phone.. IM ALL IN!!!
  • Too bad its not real, looks sweet! Beautiful even..
  • Ahhhh...was hoping it was real. Man, that would be sweet.
  • Awesome... I would take four of them! One of the best looking phones i have ever seen!
  • no, they just showed screens of the new Sense UX, just the screen, they left out the phone(where the buttons are)
  • looks nice, if Sprint ever gets it they will change the way it looks
  • Damage control for the new Evo. There saying Sence 4.0 is so great, it will make you feel like your new fugly ass Evo 4g Lte is really this beautiful device. Nice try Htc.
  • Wow, make it so HTC and take my money.
  • How do you hold it where you touch the front? I touch the sides and do not get close to the front.