Magic 2015 for Android

Magic: The Gathering fans will be able to get in on card-by-card deck customization in the latest iteration of the classic strategy card game. Magic 2015 launched on Android today and brings familiar one-on-one card duels in either single-serving practice games, long-term campaign, or online multiplayer matches. Check out our hands-on with the iPad version at E3 for a closer look.

As usual, players put on their robe and wizard hat as an elementally-attuned planeswalker. They duel against other interdimensional mages by summoning allies, hurling spells, and wielding ancient artifacts. Five colors of spells represent different elements, each with their own play style and themes. In addition to the new deck customization options, Magic 2015 also hosts cards tailor-made by big names in geekdom, like the Avarice Amulet from the guys at Penny Arcade, Aggressive Mining by Minecraft's Markus Persson (a.k.a. Notch), and Shield of the Avatar by Richard Garriott from Ultima fame.

The game is free for the first few stages, then a $9.99 upgrade to continue, and optional in-app purchases if you want to fast-track your card collection or get early access to additional planes. All in all, Magic 2015 is a great option for those looking for a deep strategy game.

How many of you guys have played Magic in the past? Are microtransactions in a premium game a turn-off for you, or are they being implemented here in a reasonable way?