Lumigon, a Scandinavian cell phone manufacturer, is bringing out the Lumigon T1. This smartphone sports a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen, HDMI out, 5MP camera with flash, and 1GHZ processor. As for the UI, the aluminum phone will be running Froyo with Lumigon's P-GUI software on board. 

Now you may be looking at this little device and saying, "Okay? Another slab smartphone powered by Android. What else is new these days?" Valid thought, but this baby rocks -- literally -- Bang & Olufsen audio technology. Bang & Olufsen is an audio company that produces and manufactures high quality audio speakers and receivers. If you can understand Danish, make the jump to see the Lumigon T1 in action. If you can't understand Danish, make the jump anyway. [ via Phone Arena, Unwired View]