OUYA consoles are shipping out rapidly, and our very own contest winner has received his unit

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we held a contest to pick our Android Central user name for the OUYA service.  We rounded up all the entries and picked a winner -- glazedfaith came through with the name LloydOfTheRings -- and it was all finished except the waiting. 

The wait's over, and glazedfaith has received his OUYA! Like a true gracious winner, he's taken the time to thank us for holding up our end and getting the OUYA console out to him as soon as they could be shipped. 

On behalf of all of us here, you're welcome glazedfaith. We hope you enjoy the heck out of the OUYA, and keep sharing your experiences with it. The best part about working here is knowing that folks like you are out there and appreciate what we do. 

Everyone head into the forums and check out the pictures, and hopefully glazedfaith can give us some real-world user impressions of the OUYA while he puts it through the paces.

Thanks AndroidCentral!