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Lord High Commander of Cameras [#acpodcast]

The Essential Phone
The Essential Phone (Image credit: Android Central)

Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Russell Holly host the backdoor pilot for AC Foodcast as they talk about the GDPR Hall of Shame, OnePlus 6, and its $69 companion Bluetooth earbuds, Bullets Wireless.

Essential Phone 2 is reportedly canceled, and founder Andy Rubin is considering selling the company. Some people have gotten hands-on time with RED Hydrogen One, but release of the product is still a little ways off. In addition, BlackBerry is teasing the KEY2, which will have dual rear cameras. Rounding out the new phone chat, HTC U12+ is a beautiful device that can only be purchased directly from HTC — No carriers, no retailers.

Lastly, and most importantly: You put sweet on savory, NOT sweet on sweet.

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  • The PH-1 had a notch, crappy camera, no headphone jack, and no IP rating, features seemingly essential for flagship phone users.
  • Haptics?
    I thought that was from the old days when you could never tell if the phone knew you had hit the icons!
    As they just work now I haven't even had haptics turned on for two years.
  • Totally down for an AC foodcast guys 👌🏽 Haptics are everything btw. The v30 makes everything feel wrong in comparison IMO. I mess around with the v30 at work just for that. If you guys every want a fussy hand account of an in store first hand account of a mobile carrier,I think that would make a great segment. Let me know