Developers, start your engines - but read this first

We all know that the new Android SDK, complete with the goodness-on-a-stick that is Lollipop is ready and waiting for developers like you to download. Please do so, and create some kick-ass applications we can all install and love. But if you're new to developing for Android, this is a reminder that you need to read a few things to make your life easier.

With Lollipop comes two big changes that will affect how your application runs and operates. We're talking about the new Material Design language (of course) and the ART runtime. There are plenty of other changes, but these two might just make or break your app if you don't get a few things straight before you build.

With Material Design, there are specific color guidelines at play. Your app needs to follow them so it looks natural amongst the rest of the hot new applications, and so that your notifications are readable and actionable.

The new ART runtime brings AOT (Ahead Of Time) compilation as well as new garbage collection methods. There's a good chance that your existing code will work as-is, but some methods used in Dalvik (the prior runtime) are no longer supported. This explains it all.

Of course there are a slew of other changes — even from the last "preview" SDK and images — to pore through as well. Be sure to update your SDK with the latest API documentation, and read over Google's "About" page on the new Android 5.0 changes.

Update: Google just posted one of their excellent DevBytes videos all about what's new in Android 5.0. We all need to watch this one! See it below.

Then make some killer apps!