Amid the rollout of the latest version of Android, Lollipop 5.0, NVIDIA's Shield Tablet devices are also being counted among the first devices ready for an upgrade. The Tablet will be getting the update next Tuesday, that is, November 18. Android 5.0 on the Shield hauls in the flat and smooth elements of Material Design, but there are a few updates to NVIDIA's own apps too.

Dabbler, their drawing app used in conjunction with the Shield Tablet's bundled stylus, will support layers, custom color creation, stencils, and drawing uploads directly to Google Drive. It will even tie in with the system's native Twitch streaming, so you can broadcast your artistic skills live to the world.

The Shield Hub is also getting a bit of a design tweak to look a bit more materialistic. It will have added a link to Grid games in addition to existing access to Android titles and games stored on a paired PC. There's a lot more to say about Grid and the North America preview of the cloud gaming service here. You'll also get access to 4K console mode, which is good news for those of us with ridiculously nice TVs, and Y-cable support for those that really need to plug everything into their device. From what we hear, the Shield Portable will be getting its update down the road.

Good on NVIDIA for supporting Lollipop so soon out of the gate. How many of you have a Shield Tablet? Anything else you'd like to see from your Shield?

Source: NVIDIA