The LOFT battery base lets you take Google Home anywhere

Google Home is a wonderful little speaker with Google Assistant, but it's tied to an outlet, so you can't carry it around your home as you get your work done without having to unplug, replug, reboot, and re-connect whatever you were listening to. And yeah, you can get Google Assistant everywhere with your phone, but Google Assistant is more robust on Google Home than it is anywhere else, especially when it comes to music and playback controls.

And if this new battery-powered base by Ninety7 works even half as well as it claims, I want one, and I want it now.

LOFT for Google Home is essentially a third-party metal Google Home base, being held in place by magnets like the regular Home bases and charging with the same Google Home power adapter. LOFT is supposed to sport a six-hour battery life while off that original Google Home power adapter, which isn't mind-blowing, but for a base this small, I'm not sure how much more you could squeeze in there.

As you can see, the LOFT isn't a massive base, and its design blends quite well with Google Home, with a white base and a metal speaker grill that matches the original three metal Home bases offered by Google. The LOFT for Google Home is supposed to retail for $50, but it's up for pre-order at $40 with free shipping. If you're as interested as I am, hit the pre-order link below. Ninety7 has shipped a battery-powered speaker for the Echo Dot before, and is also offering pre-orders for a portable battery for the second-generation Echo Dot.

Pre-order LOFT for Google Home

Ara Wagoner

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