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Curious about the creatures you have to catch (and eat) in Bugsnax? You've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of all the Bugsnax you'll be finding in, well, Bugsnax on PS5 when it releases. Developer Young Horses says that the game will feature over 100 different Bugsnax species for players to collect with a variety of contraptions and bait. As far as PS5 launch games go, it looks to be a fun one.

Because Bugsnax isn't out yet, this list is a work-in-progress with what we know so far. We'll continually update it with more Bugsnax and their locations where they can be found in the game.

Every Bugsnax species

Name Bug + Snack and Location Gameplay Image
Bunger Burger. Location unknown. Bunger Bugsnax
Charmallow Firefly + s'mores. Location unknown. Charmallow Bugsnax
Cheepoof Cheese puff. Location unknown. Cheepoof Bugsnax
Chippie Chocolate chip cookie. Location unknown. Chippie Bugsnax
Cinnasnail Cinnamon roll + snail. Location unknown. Cinnasnail Bugsnax
Crapple Crab + apple. Location unknown. Crapple Bugsnax
Eggler Egg. Location unknown. Eggler Bugsnax
Flapjackarak Bacon pancakes + spider. Location unknown. Flapjackarak Bugsnax
Fryder Spider + french fries. Location unknown. Fryder Bugsnax
Grapeskeeto Mosquito + grape. Location unknown. Grapeskeeto Bugsnax
Green Lollive Fly + olive. Location unknown. Green Lollive Bugsnax
Hunnabee Honey + bee. Location unknown. Hunnabee Bugsnax
Kweeble Kiwi + weevil. Location unknown. Kweeble Bugsnax
Kwookie Oreo. Location unknown. Kwookie Bugsnax
Mama Mewon Watermelon + tick. Location unknown. Mama Mewon Bugsnax
Paletoss Atlas bettle + paleta. Location unknown. Paletoss Bugsnax
Unknown Moth + pizza. Location unknown. Mothza Bugsnax
Peelbug Pill bug + orange. Location unknown. Peelbug Bugsnax
Pineantula Pineapple + taratunla. Location unknown. Pineantula Bugsnax
Pinkle Pickle + hermit crab. Location unknown. Pinkle Bugsnax
Preying Picantis Preying mantis + Mexican food. Location unknown. Preying Picantis Bugsnax
Ribblepede BBQ ribs + centipede. Location unknown. Ribblepede Bugsnax
Rootle Carrot + worm. Location unknown. Rootle Bugsnax
Sandopede Sandwich + centipede. Location unknown. Sandopede Bugsnax
Shishka Bug Shish Kebab + ant. Location unknown. Shishkabug Bugsnax
Sodie D SunnyD. Location unknown. Sodie D Bugsnax
Sprinklepede Donut + millipede. Location unknown. Sprinklepede Bugsnax
Spuddy Baked potao + stag beetle. Location unknown. Spuddy Bugsnax
Strabby Strawberry + ladybug. Location unknown. Strabby Bugsnax
Sweetiefly Dragonfly + lollipop. Location unknown. Sweetie Fly Bugsnax

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