Linking contacts in SenseSyncing contacts with services like Facebook and Google Contacts is a built in feature of Android, and most users set it up when they get a new phone (Watch Phil set up a Droid Incredible here, 3:55 is where the Facebook stuff starts). HTC's Sense UI and Samsung's TouchWiz improve this functionality by letting users edit links for each individual contact after setting up your phone. So, for instance, say you have a contact on your phone simply named "Bob" but you are friends with "Bob" on Facebook, where his full name "Robert Smith" is listed. Normally, these accounts won't be linked by Android during the initial setup. Using Sense or TouchWiz, however, makes linking the two is easy as pie. 

  1. Open up your contacts app and goto the person you want to link.
  2. In Sense, the link button is in the top right (pictured right). In TouchWiz, it is an option found by scrolling down under the "Info" tab (see the picture after the break).
  3. Clicking on either button will take you to a linked contacts editing screen, where you can search for another contact to link to the one you already have selected. This can be from Facebook, Google Contacts, or a phone contact.
  4. Click on the person or account you want linked, and the software will do its thing. You can link multiple accounts together if you so desire.
  5. Linking a Facebook contact will bring in some cool pieces of info, including birthday (if the person has it on their account) and their profile picture. Nifty!

This is one of the few areas where manufacturer UI customizations really improve Android, and is a feature we would like to see implemented by Google in the future. Click past the break to see a screen shot of TouchWiz doing its thing. Thanks to Bryan for the TouchWiz screenshot from his Vibrant!

Linking contacts in TouchWiz