Link Bubble, the rather unique web browser for Android, has received its largest update yet, as developer Chris Lacy says goodbye to the app. The update brings a number of big changes to the browser, one of them being an all-new Material Design overhaul. In addition, the update brings support for HTML drop down elements, colored toolbars, custom domain redirects, and a bunch more.

From its creation, Link Bubble was one of Lacy's proudest accomplishments, and while he still feels the same way about it now, Lacy has realized that Link Bubble takes more resources and know-how than his indie company could give it to tap its full potential. As a result, Lacy has sold Link Bubble, Link Bubble Pro, and TapPath, along with all related assets.

The new owners of the apps are a US startup currently in stealth mode, so I'll let them introduce themselves on their own schedule. But you should trust me when I say that once the founders come to light, it will immediately be apparent why I, as the world's most enthusiastic Link Bubble user, am so excited about both this deal, and the implications for the Link Bubble's future.

So, what does this mean for everyone who already purchased the app? Well, the answer is simple:

For existing users, this transition will be an entirely seamless experience. Your previous purchases of Link Bubble Pro and TapPath are still tied to your Google Account, and will continue to work as they always have. Users of the free Link Bubble app will receive updates via the Play Store as with any other app.

For most users, the change of hands for the app won't even be noticed. We thank Chris for all the hard work he puts into his apps, and we look forward to seeing what Link Bubble can do in the future.

Source: TheBlerg