Limefuel Blast L180X Pro

We've seen many an external battery come through here. And over the past couple years we've seen capacity and density increase, while prices continue to drop.

And today we've got a quick look at a monster battery, the Limefuel Blast L180X Pro.

Limefuel Blast L180X Pro

This guy's pretty huge — 18,000 mAh in a case that's capable of charging four devices at once with a max output of 5V/2.4A for each device. (In plain English: That's good for normal charging times, for any single device that's connected. As you connect more, the total output drops.) The flip side, of course, is that it's also pretty heavy at 13.01 ounces — damned near a full pound of battery in your bag. But it's also in a fairly compact form factor, a little shorter than a Nexus 5, say, but quite a bit thicker. It's not unstylish, it's just big and heavy, as you'd expect.

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The battery itself charges via microUSB, and the included literature says it'll take a good 11 to 18 hours to hit full capacity. (Not surprising given that the input is 5V/2.0A, but still, that's a long time. Plan accordingly.)

The battery itself is rated for more than 500 cycles — a cycle being full charge/discharge. It's got a four-stage LED to show you the current levels, and a double-press of the power button fires up an LED torch light. None of this is overly revolutionary, but the inclusion of four USB outputs is a pretty cool deal, so you can charge a bunch of your stuff at one time. One final gem: The included cable sports microUSB/Lightning connector. As in, it's a Lightening connector for newer iOS devices, with a microUSB plug tucked inside it. Best of both worlds.

Look, this isn't a battery you're going to be popping into a sport coat pocket before a night out. But if you're looking for a way to charge four devices at once — and remember that we're talking about proper 2.0A charging — the Limefuel Blast 180X Pro is a pretty solid option.

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