Crisis VRigade 2 Psvr AnnouncementSource: Sumalab

What you need to know

  • VR lightgun shooter Crisis VRigade 2 comes to PSVR on July 14.
  • Crisis VRigade 2 improves upon the original in every way, from graphics to bigger, badder levels and enemies.
  • Play single-player or online co-op, all with Aim Controller support.

Remember Time Crisis? It's that classic PlayStation and arcade shooter where you duck-and-cover to reload and avoid enemy projectiles, except you'd be rising up to take aim at the enemies in every scene with an actual gun controller in your hand. While lightgun games of old have mostly gone to the wayside because of expensive peripherals, the concept is as classic as it comes. Crisis VRigade 2 helps fill that void by utilizing that PlayStation Aim controller you've already used for other PSVR games, and it's going to be available in just a week on July 14, 2020.

While we don't have an official price just yet, it's likely developer Sumalab will keep it at the same $20 price it currently sits at on Steam. If you've ever played lightgun games like House of the Dead or Time Crisis, you'll immediately feel at home with Crisis VRigade 2. The big difference is that, instead of pressing a button to take cover, you'll be actively moving your body instead. Some people have jokingly referred to it as the SQUAT game, as you'll take the role of a SWAT trooper who has been tasked with shooting all the terrorists to progress through the game's fast-paced levels.

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Crisis VRigade 2 is a significant departure from the original Crisis VRigade in the graphics department and takes the formula to the next level. The levels are larger, the action is crazier, the guns are bigger, and everything else follows suit, as well. Visually, the game is incredible in VR, with a more realistic take on the concept than the original's simplistic, cartoony visuals. As such, it makes sense to see this making an appearance on the PlayStation 4's PSVR this quickly, while developer Sumalab tries to tweak it to fit on the Oculus Quest's less-powerful hardware.

Aim controller support for Crisis VRigade 2 is a pleasant surprise, as it makes perfect sense in the context of the game and will likely help make aiming as realistic as the visuals. The original Crisis VRigade is among one of the best co-op games you can play in VR, and the second ramps that up in ways that'll make many gamers giddy with joy. Check out the trailer below and be sure to grab it on PSVR on July 14!

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