LG Virtoo integrates your smartphone and computer ― if it would just work

LG Virtoo Screen Mirror
LG Virtoo Screen Mirror (Image credit: LG)

What you need to know

  • LG has released a new smartphone integration app for Windows PCs.
  • The application functions similarly to Microsoft's Your Phone app for Windows.
  • For now, the application only works on LG's 2021 Gram laptops.

Amid rumors of the company contemplating its exit from the smartphone industry, LG has just released a new smartphone and PC integration application. Spotted by Softpedia, Virtoo is an app developed by Screenovate Technologies that allows PC users to perform a number of smartphone tasks straight from their computer, similar to how Microsoft's Your Phone app functions.

LG Virtoo seems available to download on any PC, Android device, and even iOS devices. The app allows basic smartphone functions such as texting and calling from your PC, but you can also mirror your device display on your PC and view your notifications... at least in theory. Reviews in the Microsoft store seem to indicate that LG Virtoo does not function, at least on most PCs, which could be due to the fact that only LG's 2021 Gram laptops are supported.

The app description does mention that LG Virtoo is a "smartphone app for LG PC users," and that "some models may not support Virtoo by LG," but doesn't make it clear to users which models are supported. It seems LG may expand support in the future, but for now, this release is limited to select LG laptops.

LG isn't the only OEM working on a smartphone integration tool like this. A similar app dubbed "Phone Hub" has been spotted for Chrome OS, suggesting Google may finally bridge Android smartphones with some of the best Chromebooks on the market. Motorola has also teased plans for a smartphone integration tool that could be part of its upcoming desktop mode.

Virtoo is a noble first attempt from LG to bridge smartphones with PCs, but the company needs to expand support to make the application truly useful. Meanwhile, if you own a PC, you'd be better off using Microsoft's Your Phone application which provides even deeper integration if you own a Galaxy smartphone, and is likely the reason why LG launched its own application.

LG Wing

LG Wing

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